This cart is designed to pass California Food Code. The cart has it all a state of the art water system, NSF-SAN-7 Refrigerator and a stainless steel cooler. 

The burner system includes double cast aluminum burners and controls that put out 60,000 BTUs. 

The steam table will accommodate various size pans with lids. The Steam Table is covered with a Sneeze Guard Enclosure. You can use the steamer for hot dogs, buns, chili, cheese, sauerkraut and more. The cooking area is designed for functionality to serve many customers fast. 

It comes standard with an full sized pan(L=20.81” x W=12.81” x D=6”), a full sized perforated steam pan(L=20.81” ’x W=12.81” x D=4”), full sized 2” hinged lid, a 1/2 size direct heat pan(L=10.81” ’x W=12.81” x D=6”) with lid, a 1/3 size direct heat pan(L=6.94” ’x W=12.81” x D=6”) with lid for boiling or cooking or three 1/9 sized pans with lids(L=6.94” ’x W=4.25” x D=4”) for boiling or cooking.  All pans and lids are NSF marked. 

This Cart Comes with NSF-SAN 7 Refrigerator.  

The water system comes with a hand wash sink (W=10" x L=14” x D= 5”) splash guard. Sink come with 2” stainless steel drain.  

A SEAFLO on demand water pump will pressurize you water flow instantly. While an ECOTEMP L5 on demand propane water heater will heat the water to 150 degrees. 

Your water is stored in a 6 gallon TODD water tank and is recovered in a 9 gallon TODD water tank. This is a sealed system that is equipped with an easy to use fill valve and an easy to use drain valve. 

Drop-in ice bin, stainless steel top and liner. NSF marked.

The cart rests on a Highway approved heavy duty trailer welded construction allows for a super strong structure and will give you many years of use. The leaf spring suspension system allows you to tow it safely at freeway speeds. 

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